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Votes during Mr. Clark's service as a Eugene City Councilor:

1. Against creation of a Police Auditor position, 2011

2. Opposed Climate remediation efforts.

3. Voted against the Bascom Village project, against exploring potential sites for Opportunity Village and against an ordinance allowing temporary camping on city property or at churches.

4. He voted against the city’s Climate Recovery Ordinance in the summer of 2014

5. He voted against a resolution in support of a statewide carbon tax in 2015

6. He voted against Eugene’s plastic bag ban in 2012

7. Seems like he wants to sell Kesey Square!




















Is Mike Clark right for Mayor of Eugene?

What do you think? NOPE!

I guess you agree, EUGENE!

Congratulations, Lucy Vinnis!

"I want someone who recognizes, loves and honors the uniqueness that is Eugene, that is dedicated to making sure our police department doesn't engage in profiling and using unnessecary force, that encourages the growth of businesses that provide a living wage and consider climate change in their decision making process, and has as much concern for the survival of people without homes as he/she does for the success of downtown businesses."

How about you?

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Afraid of Hippies?

Mr Clark cannot represent Eugene. Our town was voted best town for Hippies. Those hippies built Cahoots, Whitebird, Nancy’s Yogurt, Cafe Mam, Toby’s Tofu, and many other local endeavors designed to make our community better in many ways. Those hippies began the Eugene Celebration - a party so uniquely Eugene, with the SLUG Queen, Mr. DeFazio shoveling up horse poop, the Rickies - so much. And Mr. Clark just doesn’t get it. He is unable to understand what all us long hairs are even about. He told me once he was afraid to take his kids to the Celebration. How can a man like that represent Eugene? Impossible. notmikeclark.com.

Clark takes sides with developers

The Register-Guard’s May 1 endorsement of Mike Clark over Lucy Vinis for Eugene mayor was a real head-scratcher. If Eugene needs a change, it certainly doesn’t need it in the direction Clark indicates he would choose.

With the city core improving and businesses blossoming citywide, the only real blemishes on the recent record of city government are ideas favored by Clark: overuse of the Multi-Unit Property Tax Exemption program for unneeded, substandard student housing, and the destruction of the old City Hall without a viable replacement plan.

Carefully thought-out development is healthy for Eugene, but a developers-know-best approach to city planning is not. I’m voting for Vinis on May 17.

JIM WATSON Eugene from the RG comments

Eugene Weekly Not-Endorsement for Mayor

Candidate Eugene City Councilor Mike Clark has nearly 10 years of political experience, but we find his record troubling. He has repeatedly voted against policies that we support: helping homeless communities, acting to reduce the impacts of climate change and instating socially progressive policies like Eugene’s sick leave ordinance. We’re confident that Eugene would see more of the same conservative, backwards-thinking if Clark is elected.

The city also needs a mayor who will lead, not one who simply follows the directions of the city manager.  If Eugene wants its values respected and represented, Vinis is the right choice for mayor.

Eugene City Councilors vote down motion to bar sale of Kesey Square

Eugene City Councilors placed an impromptu vote after a long discussion. Most agreed that they are not interested in selling Broadway Plaza or turning it into a private or commercial space. But not Mike Clark!

However, by a 5 to 3 vote, the councilors voted down a motion by Councilor Betty Taylor which would have banned the sale of the plaza.

All options about what to do with the space are still open.

"If we have surplus property, I think we should have a discussion about how to sell it. But this was not surplus property. It is public space and I think we should quit talking about what to do with it so that people can relax and know that it's safe," said Taylor, Eugene City Councilor Ward 2.

"That's the reason why I'm going to vote no. Not because I want to keep it open and sell it or keep it either way; I want to have a discussion about why and how we do these things and how much notice and everything else before we make this decision," said Mike Clark, Eugene City Councilor Ward 5

Council members are looking forward to a work session in the future to discuss selling public property.

Mike Clark proposed the work session to talk about how city land could be bought and sold. Just a delay until things die down so he can get his way.

A date has not yet been set.

Keep Kesey Square as public space

On April 25, five Eugene city councilors showed their true colors by voting against Councilor Betty Taylor’s motion to prohibit the sale of Kesey Square to private developers.

Only Councilors George Brown, Claire Syrett and Taylor seem to understand the soul, essence and true potential of that small but venerated slice of public space in downtown Eugene.

When voting for our next mayor, city councilor and other elected official, keep their voting records and agendas for Eugene and Lane County in mind. Councilor Mike Clark, for one, won’t be getting my vote.

Keeping Kesey Square — or Broadway Plaza, as some prefer to call it — a public open space that could be beautified, utilized and enjoyed by everyone would be an example of community improvement and progress that would be untainted by the politicians and developers who attach dollar signs to each square foot of our space.

It would be better for them to focus on the City Hall situation and leave Kesey Square alone.


Lawn sign placement is revealing

Drive around Eugene and notice where election campaign signs are placed. When you see signs for mayoral candidate Mike Clark, they’re often in front of large businesses or apartment complexes owned by investors.

I don’t see a lot of Clark’s signs in front of middle-class homes. It makes me wonder who he would represent if elected mayor.

I’ve lived in the Fifth Ward for a long time and never felt Clark represented me or my neighbors on the Eugene City Council. Lucy Vinis will get my vote.

JAMES HIGGINS, Eugene from the RG, 4/21

Clark has pursued his own agenda

City Councilor Mike Clark describes himself as a “pragmatist” who’s “not particularly interested in what political parties want to do” and is more “interested in what the people of Eugene want to do.”

However, his record during his time on the council has shown that he’s not interested in what the people of Eugene want, and more interested in what a few political conservatives want.

Clark has voted against progressive climate change reforms despite Eugene residents’ desire that the city be greener. He continues to vote against pro-environmental ordinances, has advocated allowing coal trains to pass through Eugene despite environmental and health concerns, and tried to stonewall the Climate Recovery Ordinance that will create carbon-neutral city operations by 2020 and cut fossil fuel emissions by 2030.

Another major issue facing Eugene is our homelessness crisis. The homeless population problem is among the biggest issues facing the city and Clark has repeatedly voted against any ordinance or plan to try to address the problem. That includes the overnight camping ordinance, creating “rest stops” for homeless people, and exploring sites for an Opportunity Village.

Those are the reasons I’m voting for Lucy Vinis, a progressive who is actually representative of Eugene residents.


Lynn Porter: from the RG comments

"Mike dragged his feet too much on creating shelter for the homeless, although finally voting for it. Keeps talking about liability insurance, which is a burden for the small nonprofits who created the rest stops, and which the city attorney has repeatedly said is unnecessary. A while back he said he didn’t understand why the city had to deal with the homeless situation, don’t know if he really gets it now. I’ll be supporting Vinis."

"Clark is too conservative for me. He seems to mainly care about business people. I can’t see him doing anything that would help the bottom working-class half of the city. An example of his thinking is when he objected to the phrase “criminalization of homelessness”, and said that the city isn’t criminalizing being homeless, just behaviors such as camping. Which is crap because the homeless have no choice except to camp."