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Piercy's funding an advantage (In the Register Guard, May 13)
"Kitty Piercy has 293 donations of $50 or less totaling $11,251, while Nathanson totals only $800 in small contributions. This is irrefutable evidence that Piercy has broad support from many different constituencies in Eugene, and lends weight to her slogan, "A mayor for all Eugene."

Piercy connects with citizens (In the Register Guard, May 13)
"Due to the differences in each candidate's ability to connect with citizens and resolve political challenges, I believe voters will find Piercy to be the more effective choice as Eugene mayor."

Piercy has best economic plan (In the Register Guard, May 13)
"Kitty Piercy's economic proposals are validated by clear patterns in America's history. She advocates investing in Eugene's physical (and social) infrastructure. Historically, such policies have been productive, sending positive ripple effects through the locales in which they are implemented."

Piercy has stayed on course (In the Register Guard, May 12)
"Piercy is a bright, gracious, warm, caring and thoughtful person who serves, always with good humor, as a role model. She empowers all people to be the best they can be."

Eugene needs progressives (in the Register Guard, May 11)
"Voters interested in a change for the better will choose Kitty Piercy for mayor, and Bonny Bettman, Betty Taylor and Andrea Ortiz for City Council. Their backgrounds and words offer promise of city government more attuned to all citizens."

Ellie is a Kitty supporter.

Piercy's plan would create jobs (In the Register Guard, May 10)
"Piercy's plan proposes a number of specific initiatives to help local businesses and create jobs, such as local sourcing by public agencies, taking a new look at enterprise zones to aid local businesses, streamlining the review and permitting process for new development, and an initiative to recover and restore polluted industrial lands within the urban growth boundary to productive use." See the Plan here.

Piercy has a vision for Eugene (In the Register Guard, May 9)
"In a life of long service, Piercy has proven her ability to lead by including others in the creation of a vision."

Voting With Envy (In the Eugene Weekly, May 6)
"I'll mark my ballot with excitement and a little envy this spring. I'm excited to vote for Bonny Bettman and Kitty Piercy. Candidates so competent and committed to conservation and compassionate community values can always count on my vote." Martin Champion, Eugene

Piercy has business support, too. (In the Register Guard, May 6)
"...While one might easily conclude that the Eugene Chamber of Commerce and its political action committee, C-PAC, represent the business community, it is in fact true that many modern business perspectives are not well represented by those groups.
Many Eugene business people support Kitty Piercy for mayor. I am among them, and I ask of you, please don't neglect to vote."

Piercy's vision right for Eugene (In the Register Guard, May 5)
Piercy's plan reflects some of the most creative thinking that has been occurring in the field of urban economic development: forming public-private partnerships, promoting sustainable growth and nurturing industry clusters, encouraging downtown revitalization that includes a commitment to affordable housing and converting brown fields into productive uses. Her approach is oriented toward crafting new forms of social partnership that bring together business, labor and civic organizations to broker solutions that benefit the entire community.

Piercy is a proven leader (Register Guard Letters, May 3,)
"Piercy has the credentials of a proven leader earned across many forms of governance; she is a person with vision and a wealth of governmental and private-sector experience. Her ability to work successfully with diverse factions at both the state and local levels will be effective in mobilizing the forces necessary to revitalize our economy, restoring Eugene's positive image, and mediating the City Council's divisiveness that has harmed Eugene's ability to attract and retain businesses." BARBARA ANN PERRY and ROBERT L. WEISS

Piercy offers a voice of reason
"There are two areas where I think Kitty Piercy truly separates herself from her opponent. One is her outreach and involvement with Eugene's minority communities. The other is the absence of an entrenched identity on the City Council."
JOSEPH H. ALSUP in the Register Guard Letters to the Editor, April 24

Harriet supports Kitty

Attitude and openness are keys to effective leaders
hip. My first memory of Kitty Piercy was 22 years ago, when I was volunteering with a pro-choice advocacy group of which she was the leader. I was struck by how she facilitated the group's meetings, encouraged equal participation, and followed through on commitments."
In the Eugene Weekly April 1.

"While I do not know Nancy Nathanson personally, Mary's recap of her behavior and voting record are most concerning."
In the Eugene Weekly Letters to the Editor, April 15.


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