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Written by Tim Mueller
Tim Mueller: acoustic guitars, lead vocals
Nel Applegate: mbira
TR Kelley: bass, baritone slide guitar, vocals
Randy Hamme: drums, percussion
Graphic Design: Tim Mueller
Recorded & mixed by Randy Hamme at TraXide Studio
Mastered at Liquid Mastering
Produced by Tim Mueller & STEEL WOOL

We're All Dreaming lyrics (Story below):

Tim Mueller 2022

We each have a path to walk
Some that are easy, some that are blocked
Mountains to climb, cliffs to fall off.

Won’t know where we’re going till we’ve been there awhile
Felt all the pain and sadness and smiles
Seen all the sunsets and read all the files.

Chorus 1:
So dance with the mommas and play with the children
Dig in the garden and cook in the Kitchen
Lay in your bed and dream of the millions
Who are dreaming their own dreams, too
Dreaming their own dreams too.

Children are dreaming of birthday surprises
Lovers are dreaming of golden sunrises
Powerful men dream of satisfied vices

Some will take care that their children are nurtured
Others work hard so careers will be furthered
Powerful men see their enemies butchered

Chorus 2
So I play my guitar and I sing you this song
With the hope in my heart that you’ll sing along
And carry the melody as you go on
Dreaming your own dreams too
Dreaming your own dreams too

Chorus 3
So dance with the children and play with the mommas
Cook in the Kitchen and make some tamales
Lay in your bed and dream of the millions
Who are dreaming their own dreams, too
Dreaming their own dreams too.

The Story:

Released April 2, 2022
This song was recorded in February 2022 at TraXide Studios, parked in the Imperial Dam LTVA in the desert near Yuma, AZ. This mobile studio was a great adventure, recording the music one player at a time on a song that we had never played together. Randy Hamme was a master at the controls and on the drums, TR created mesmerizing slide guitar and deep bass, Nel Applegate produced an original, uplifting mbira part to compliment Tim's acoustic guitar and vocals.
The Video includes images and film of sunsets near Yuma, Mesa and Tucson, many sunsets!
This was such a good time, and a true honor for me to work with these talented and giving individuals. Thank you all so much. Rock On!!
Tim Mueller

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