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From rich harmony on "Just Maybe"
to world beat rhythm on “Rainbow”
to tender love songs like All the Love in the World” and "You're My Flower"
to activist anthems like “Love is the Power”
this music is what you need...

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"That was one wild ride…and we’re probably not done yet!"

Comments from Radio DJ's and Venue and Festival Agents
...and fans!

"STEEL WOOL is a band that offers an incredible amount of energy and authenticity.  They straddle multiple musical genres and offer attendees a multitude of sounds that will surely get them moving and smiling.  Steel Wool has been in regular rotation at KOCF for a number of years.  Recently Steel Wool performed at our yearly fundraiser and brought a fantastic and enthusiastic crowd that not only supported Steel Wool, but the other artists as well.  This is the true mark of an authentic fan base and a great band."
Andy Goldfinger, KOCF Radio, Oregon Country Fair, Veneta, Oregon

"I love this band.  They play message music you can dance to.  At an age when most songwriters have found the ink gone dry, Tim Mueller still has something to say.  His acoustic guitar leads are unique and the rhythm section is impressive. Bassist T.R. Kelley is a local legend.  Spend a night with STEEL WOOL Band and you’ll feel better for it."
Bob Fennessy, WOW Hall Publicist, Community Center for the Performing Arts, Eugene, OR

"STEEL WOOL Band brings acoustic music with high energy!  Great harmonies!  Excellent musicians!  From the first note to the last, Steel Wool connected with the audience and kept them mesmerized and cheering.  Everyone walking around the Eugene Saturday Market felt the rhythm and positive energy of Steel Wool." Jimmy Haggard, Stage Manager, Eugene Saturday Market, the oldest continuous Saturday Market in the USA.

"The STEEL WOOL Band is one awesome band that will rock your socks off!!
Full of original tunes and lots of good energy!! A delight to have them on my show."
Rockin' Rome KRVM 91.9 FM Eugene, Oregon

"Over my many years of stage booking and managing, STEEL WOOL Band has always been a favorite! I love working with them, and audiences love listening to them. Their original songs are beautiful, and their harmonies never fail to give those good goosebumps. They always bring their best to a gig with performances that are powerful yet playful, soulful and even silly sometimes, and always, always engaging and captivating. Do I sound like a fan? I am!"
Kim Still, former Stage Manager, Eugene Saturday Market, the oldest continuous Saturday Market in the USA.

"Love the music!! Where to start... Exquisite vocals. Nel has a hint of Grace Slick and Its a Beautiful Day. The guitar work is awesome! The rhythm on several tracks have an early Van Morrison feel. Also Cat Stevens. Love the Fat Jesus on a Bicycle. Kyrie eleison. Lots of imagination throughout. Lets Jam!"
Rythmoil in Arizona

"Bearing one of the cleverest names on the bill “STEEL WOOL Band” also was a huge surprise. Featuring B52 esq vocal harmonies, catchy “Eugene” style, heartfelt Americana/Folk, tremendous musicianship and the most rad bass player of any group at the show."
From the Eugene Daily News 4th of July at Dexter Lake | Photo Montage Here
TR singing the national anthem

"Your band is really, really, really, really good.  I enjoyed listening tremendously.  You are tight and the music really grabs.  Great melodies, lyrics, beat – it is all great."  Dale VM

Read the December 2016 Register Guard article about STEEL WOOL Band HERE.

"I want to again compliment you & your band for an AWESOME CD.  Both Linda & I bought your STEEL WOOL & I've played it over & over & I marvel at your song writing & the harmonies of all 4 of you!  Are the words to your songs on your website?  I'd love to read them over like reading a poem.  I laugh at Fat Jesus... & wondered - where the heck did the inspiration for that come from?  I figured you were in SF (It was Denver, actually), sitting there people-watching & this guy came by...  And what about that Candy song?  You are a very gifted man & I'm looking forward to hearing you all play together again." - Sue L.

"Fat Jesus on a Bicycle is probably the best indie music video to come out of Lane County, probably Oregon, ever." Eugene Daily News

Streamimg Live Radio Interview on Manzanita Radio, June 1, 2017

From TR Kelley, 2013:
We’re pretty damn funky, intense, playful, danceable, smart, pretty. Lotsa harmonies. I think we bring new songs to a group of folks who remember CS&N and the Beatles. These folks like to dance, like to hear real songs about contemporary issues and feelings, feel resonance with what we do. Once more folks hear us, our audience will expand to include younger folks enjoying the “Americana” genre. Lots of rhythms and acoustic sounds with soaring vocals. We’re not Pop or Rap, but most other styles can be heard in our set – everybody could be our audience!

Summer 2016 Photo Album Here "I'm Not Sleeping"

STEEL WOOL means having a great time (Review)

Do you feel an itch in your feet? The kind that tells you it’s time to dance? Are you sharing that persuasive inclination alongside of joyful, dancing kiddos and tuned in, humming oldsters? You might be at a STEEL WOOL concert and if so: you’re having a great time!

One look at this motley crew of musicians and you can tell there’s only one thing that could have brought them all together: their love for their craft (and, of course their shared passion for silliness, rainbows and perfect harmonies). Fairly recently formed, Steel Wool is a beat driven band with exceptional bass guitar, well placed drum beats and no-nonsense rhythm guitar paired with well crafted harmonies and plain and simple joy. 

STEEL WOOL’s music is approachable, danceable, fun to sing along to and suitable for a wide audience. Not totally G rated, there are a few ‘naughty words’ mixed in here and there along with some somewhat controversial or political statements – but they couldn’t very well call themselves a rock and roll band without a little spice mixed in, could they? Read more of this Blog entry here. 


"Their music really touched me. As a parent and grandparent who has been around the block, the soft truth in the lyrics was a joy. Thank you." - Bob S.

"When I saw the acoustic guitar, I thought they wouldn't be funky. OMG, I was wrong! Funky!!" - Julie S.

"My friend liked it so much he wants to start a 'Steel Wool Tribute Band'. Silly." - Tessa

"I LOVE FAT JESUS!!!" - Aradia F.

"Wow, all original music? We were all singing along... are you sure they weren't covers? Awesome." - John K.

"Steel Wool's music went straight through my body right into my heart - and my money maker! Shake it and wake it, Momma!" - Bill L.

STEEL WOOL is a folk group who isn't afraid to get funky. (Review)

"Muddy Water Rising" is like the music people listened to in the 60's, it's fresh and carefree and doesn't have a mean bone in its structure. It's all about the energy of life and enjoying yourself. While "Fat Jesus On a Bicycle" sounds like a hilarious song, it's actually a funky song. This is a surprise coming from a folk group but hey, it's entertaining.

"I Can't Tell You (9/11)" also has some funky moments as well, while "Fill My Heart" puts things on an upbeat course that is fun and a little light with moments here and there. "I'm Not Sleeping" is where we started, that nice folk sound and it makes for a well-rounded listening experience with STEEL WOOL. If you're a fan of the music that called the 70's home but need something new to your ears, check out STEEL WOOL

Acoustic Rock Reborn

upbeat and happily serious

Inspired by CSN, the Eagles, Paul Simon, the Grateful Dead and the Beatles, these 4 players breathe fresh life into deep grooves cut by time and experience, bringing Acoustic Rock into the 21st century.
STEEL WOOL is a harmony loving, acoustic rock band spinning on the edges of funk, rock, folk and traditional Zimbabwean mbira music.
friendly, too

Featuring Tim Mueller as songwriter, lead vocalist and guitar player; TR Kelley on bass and vocals, Nel Applegate on mbira, djembe, percussion and vocals, and Randy Hamme on drums, this Eugene, Oregon band moves the heart and soul with stories of truth and joy and love and loss, and catches fire with three part harmonies, the haunting mbira, inventive bass lines, danceable grooves and world beat percussion.

Tim Mueller has been performing and writing music since 1965. A featured acoustic act during the Vietnam protest era, he performed at many venues in the Midwest before relocating to New York where his band River Jenny opened for major acts including the Byrds, Sugarloaf and Ted Nugent. His guitar style is reminiscent of Steven Stills, with songs drawing inspiration from many genres including the Blues, World Beat, Folk–Rock and Rock.
After transplanting to Oregon in 1995, Tim performed at many local clubs and events in Central Oregon solo and with Nel Applegate, and with STEEL WOOL since 2011. He is an award winning volunteer with the Autism community as a Founder and board member of, as well as a vital progessive community activist.
Tim writes heart tugging songs of truth and joy and love and loss, of activist power and sillyness as therapy. He delivers them with an honest voice resonating with the power and wisdom of a life's journey, and the sonic feel and warmth of rich, melted chocolate. His approach to the guitar incorporates driving rhythm and out-of-the-box chord voicing producing a solid rhythm guitar groove for the rest of the band to build upon.

TR Kelley's knowledge of stage, music, theory, and bass guitar spans 45 years. She has played with many popular Northwest acts including ‘Babes with Axes’, ‘The Raventones’, and 'the Laura Kemp Band'. TR's bright hard-driving presence on both fretted and fretless basses is reminiscent of Jaco Pastorius' work with Joni Mitchell. TR brings a dynamic and soulful approach to her harmony vocals, and an uncanny ability to meld her voice to bring the correct feel, timbre and tone needed to convey the message of the lyric on an almost instinctual level. TR’s confident and empowering stage presence captivates, entertains, and bring inspiration to each audience she encounters.

Nel Applegate is a regular on the Eugene music scene performing in the mbira ensemble “Mudzidzi Mbira”. Nel is a strong, solid and capable harmony singer who’s warm amber voice rounds out STEEL WOOL’s powerful vocal triad. Nel has studied with many Zimbabwean master musicians over the past decades and uses various percussion instruments, djembe and mbira to bring a world beat edge to their sound.

Randy Hamme grew up loving music. Randy's background as multi-instrumentalist, professional sound engineer, song writer and his love of arrangement brought on by the music of the "big band" and "prog rock" era bring depth to his drum and percussion playing role in STEEL WOOL.
Randy and TR, the "RTR Rhythm Section" have performed together for many years as the popular duo "The Raventones" and have developed the uncanny tightness, feel, and instinct of a veteran rhythm section. Randy brings a snap and vibrancy to his playing and to the stage with his 60's era sparkle red drum set.

From rich harmony on "Just Maybe"
to world beat rhythm on “Rainbow”
to tender love songs like All the Love in the World” and "You're My Flower"
to activist anthems like “Love is the Power”
this music is what you need...


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