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Just Maybe 2015 Tim Mueller
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Can you hear me calling out at last, from this future to the past.
It wouldn’t matter if you did, I'm pretty sure that’s what I said.
The sun is setting with the moonrise, I still love that in your eyes.
I’ve got a lot more days behind me than I got waiting their turn.
Smoke is curling toward the ceiling, not much wick there left to burn.
It was so easy in the old days, happy days just rollin by.
They say time waits for nobody, not even me, but I thought just maybe.
The air is too hot for September, filled with smoke from burning timber.
But rain will find me about midnight, seems like nothin's goin' right.
It was so easy in the old days happy days just rollin by.
Close your eyes, hold your breath, float on down-stream...
So much to lose, so much to gain, so many things got to change.
I can still remember when I was young, laughing with the rising sun. (but now)
The sun is setting with the moonrise, I still love that in your eyes
The sun is setting with the moonrise, I still love that in your eyes

The Story:

Out shopping with Nel a few years ago, I happened to glance up at a mirror as I walked by, and was startled to see my father looking back at me. Just for an instant. I was him.

I don't really look in the mirror much at home - or when walking into parties - and I all of a sudden got this jolt that, in fact, I was getting old. Me. I was.

Older was not the thing - that had been happening since at least my forties. But now I had mostly white hair, I let myself get kinda chubby, and I had my Dad's slightly rounded shoulders. I noticed my kids said I sounded like him when I cleared my throat on the phone. Some folks even describe me as a curmudgeon...

So I began to wonder, silly me, have I acquired any wisdom from years on this planet? If I had a chance, what lessons I have learned would I share with my younger self? Really. Like there was any chance I would have listened - I knew everything back then.

That's where this song began.



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