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Communication. This is the key. GWP can help you unlock the world.

We can create:

Company Newsletters for employees
Non-profit Newsletters for members and clients
any other kind of Newsletter

We can format them in:

.doc - .PDF - .PPP - .txt
.wks - .Pub - .rtf


We can help you with photos, clipart and graphics.

We can print small runs in our office or have them done at your printer.

We can broadcast your e-News for you.

We can use or maintain your database or e-mail contact list.

Services start at $100 Special rates for non-profits

GWP can mail your newsletter, post it on your website, send it to your e-mail list, hang it in your break room. We can make it postcard size, 8X11, 8X17, tabloid size, folded, stapled, taped, color or black & white. We can prepare the labels, do the mail-merge, go to the Post Office. We can help with content, edit, and proof read. We can do it regularly or just now and then. You can count on GreyWolf Projects to be prompt and accessible.

And you get a hassle-free, great looking communication tool.

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