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The Snackits

When my daughters were little, bed time was story time. Sometimes I read them stories, sometimes I made stuff up. I have grandchildren now, and they seem to enjoy the stories just as much, so I thought I'd try writing one down.

I'm hoping you will enjoy my collaborarion with my youngest child, who is a fantastic illustrator. You can get a "look inside" here on Amazon, and then come back here and purchase a copy. Miranda and I have both signed them, so you get a special value, for the same price as Amazon.


Bedtime Snackit!

“Right about midnight, Shaina heard a small, tiny noise from the corner of her room, behind the dresser. She held oh so still and only looked with one eye....” Shaina is a girl who loves bedtime snacks, and she's not the only one. Will she learn to share? Read about Shaina and her adventures meeting the Snackits: snack hungry critters hiding under the bed!


Bedtime Snackit

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My dad and I enjoyed bringing Bedtime Snackit: Snackit Adventures to Grassroots Bookstore this past weekend. The crowd was small, but the response was big. What a joy to see the light and curiosity in the eyes of a little girl reading my book for the first time. This is what it’s all about. :)


When i was small like this little girl, my daddo told me stories of “snackits” who snuck into my room at night to sweep up any crumbs. They apparently lived under my bed and hid in other dark corners…. which i could never figure out as i had drawers under my bed, not empty space. I believed firmly in these critters, and always looked for them when i woke up. I never saw them, so when i “grew up” i illustrated them in a book written by that same daddo. We’re currently working on the next book in the “Snackit Adventure” series, and are busy promoting our first book, Bedtime Snackit, in local bookstores and libraries.

Get your copy of Bedtime Snackit today, and see the light spark in your little one’s eyes. Want some real life snackits to go along with the book? Contact me today to place an order! Hand felted from all natural wool, my little snackits are a delight and cost just $5 plus a small shipping/handling fee. I will also be posting this coloring sheet available as a free download over at soon. I started my illustration career as a child, filling the pages of a wild horse coloring book with a small set of colored pencils.  I am still using colored pencils today, though my collection has grown to epic proportions!




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